Sorensen Results

Wow, what a show!!  The wireless internet didn’t work on my, of course, PC, at the hotel so there was no chance to post an update as we went.

The show was extremely successful.  All the first time at a show horses won a blue ribbon and got some super scores.  They improved in every single class.  The show committee did a good job of scheduling as Kari rode 15 classes in 3 days and I (Suzette) rode 21!  Maybe I should go from youngest horse to oldest?  I don’t have the Saturday scores w/ me right now so I may not be able to give all that info too…

Jantje (JJ) is a 4 yr old Irish Draft/TB cross.  There were pics on the website of her owner Kris riding her for the first time last summer.  I rode JJ in Training 1, 2, and 4.  Her first day she scored 64 and 66, the second day a 61 (in Training 4) and 67% in Tr 2 and the third day she scored 64 in Training 4 and a 68% in Training 2!!

Desiderata Rose (Sara) is a 1/2 Warmblood 1/2 Arab 5 yr old started last year.  She scored 60 in Tr 2 and 68% in Training 1 on her first day ever showing!!  On Friday she showed Training 4 and got 58.8 and then showed in 1st level test 1 and got 57%.  Saturday, I can’t remember her Training score but she got a 63% in 1st 1!!  Sara’s a very smart, mildly opinionated mare that actually did better having to rise to the challenge of a first level test.  Kari did a great job with her.

Angelina JBM (Angelina) is a 5 yr old purebred Arab, started last year.  She went from her first test spooking a bit in the corner when she was supposed to pick up the canter and then cutting the next corner in her first test to getting through bravely on her second one.  On day two she scored 62 in Training 2 and 63 in Training 1.  By Saturday she was going around like a trooper and won a class, I’m thinking it was 64%? and scoring about the same  in her other training level test.  We had Lanie scheduled to do a ride on Friday and Saturday on Angelina but Angelina still needed Kari to help guide her and show her how the tests were going to be OK.  All of the horses that went to Sorensen are going to Parkside and we’re thinking Angelina might be ready for Lanie to ride there.  We work hard to set up the first time experiences for the horses to be successful so they become confident quickly with their work.  That’s one of the top priorities.  Do it right the first time so you don’t have to spend the rest of the horse’s life trying to fix it.

Cayenne’s Rainbow Chaser (Cayenne) is a 1/4 Clydesdale 1/4 TB 1/2 Oldenburg mare that came to us needing work.  She was starting to buck on her relatively green rider and had never been shown before.  Cayenne does best when the work is more difficult as it requires her to carry herself more so I put her in first level.  She scored 59 in First 1 and 60 in First 4 the first day.  I had only gotten to ride the pattern a few times before showing thanks to all the rain in the outdoor dressage ring a week straight before the show.  By the second day Cayenne was feeling pretty confident about the patterns and started to prepare herself for the movements better.  She scored a 68% in First 1 and won the class!! and a 56 in First 4 (she was getting tired).  She came out super on Saturday and scored a 64 in First 4!!  and another 68 in 1st 1.  I’ve never had a horse quite like her, in the warm up ring she had a hard time carrying herself and making it easy for me to ride.  When she went in the main ring she’d pick herself up and lighten and start to go but wow, when she entered at A her ears went forward and she worked her heart out to do the best she could do.  The more tests she did, the more she figured out how to balance herself better (at 16.1 hands she’s a big girl–I know I can’t carry her) and the better she got.  She loved it!

Exkwizitt (Kizzes) made her debut at third level at this show and loved it!!  I was so worried she would think it was too hard but she took it in stride and worked even better the next two days!!  She scored 55 on Thurs and Fri and 63 on Saturday all in Third Level Test 3!  She showed  Second Level Test 4 on each day also getting 58 and 59 and then a 62 on Saturday.

Safarr only did one ride a day and had to deal with some warmblood prejudice (as did Kizzes and Ra).  He rode Fourth Level Test 3 on Thurs and Third Level Test 3 on Friday.  He did a good job but didn’t get scored as well as he worked (in our own never to be humble opinion).  Rick helped me w/ the canter pirouettes on Thurs and the flying changes on Saturday, especially the 3′s (3 flying changes every 3 strides) and it helped clear a few things up for Safarr.  He went in and for the first time in Fourth level really dug in and tried, instead of being scared about how hard it was going to be.  He scored a 65%!!!!!

Ra went in Second 4 all 3 days and scored within a percent of Kizzes each time.  Kari and I commented on Friday how those two always score right next to each other, trading placings, when they tied on Saturday!  They were even right next to each other when they won the Top Ten in Second Level at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals.  Ra’s medium work is so much improved from last year, along w/ her lateral work and walk turns but wow, that medium canter is great!

All in all, it was a very good show for all the horses.  We have always said that a horse gets 6  months worth of training at their first show.  The newbies learned an incredible amount and far exceeded our expectations.  We couldn’t be happier with them.   Sorensen is a great place to take the first timers as it’s quieter than many shows and the footing is awesome.  It did rain a lot on Fri night so there was water in some spots in the arena but there was no slip or sucking in to it so the horses went through absolutely fine, every one of them.  I think Cayenne thought it made her look even cooler when she could go through the slop.  We arrived home at midnight on Saturday, put the horses in their stalls, pulled our suitcases out of the trailer and went to bed.  We can unpack later!

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2 Responses to “Sorensen Results”

  1. Mary Says:

    WOW…I know how hard all you work “down over the hill” I am so happy that it was such great show…proves once again that the right training is the right training!

  2. Beverly McLaren Says:

    Congrats! What a way to the start of a great season. Just goes to show that a “Smart Start” can work with any horse. Can hardly wait for the Open House to see the new addition.

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