Great Arabian Get Together

I’m still not done doing the show summary for Parkside, maybe because there’s so much to say?! So, I’m going to do the summary for the Great Arabian Get Together held in Sauk Centre, MN July 9, 10 and 11….
It all started last week when we got back from Parkside we sat down with a bottle of champagne to celebrate some pretty good rides and debated who would go to Canada. Kari decided she really did want to take Kaluah to the Canadian National Championships in August. Kaluah had taken a year off and just come back this winter to start working again. Her first show was Parkside. To qualify for National shows you need either to have 3 minimum scores (which vary by level) or 3 points, beating 2 horses (one point for yourself) in a dressage class at that level at an Arab show. Kaluah got one of her training scores (71%) at Parkside so she needed to either get two more scores over 63% in training level or do the points and she didn’t have any scores in first level so she had to do points as there were only two first level classes at the Get Together on Saturday. Soooo, Kari took a chance and entered Kaluah in Canada (the post entry fee is $500) and we called to see if we could post enter dressage at the Get Together. (We also decided for Candian Nationals to take Ra for first & second level, Kizzes for second and third level and Safarr for third & fourth level).
So, Friday night we loaded up Safarr & Kaluah (I couldn’t imagine going to a show without Safarr) and headed to Sauk Centre. Our first ride wasn’t till 9:38 so it was like being on vacation! It was nice to only have two horses to show, we could really focus on the things we wanted to accomplish in our tests. Rick coached both Kari and I and she and I helped each other too.
Kari had Kaluah entered in training test 2. There were 7 horses in the class and they won it with a 66.7%! She was “in” for training level. At least now her money wasn’t wasted, she was going! She scratched her training test 4 class so she just needed to get qualifed in first level.
Kari and Kaluah were the only ones in first level test 2 so there was one point, provided they didn’t get eliminated ;-) They scored 61.6%.
Safarr had his test next, fourth level test 2. He and I have been working this week on “stuff” so we wanted to see if it had helped. It did. He scored a 60% beating two other horses, winning the class by a nice margin and had some really good movments, with others that still need work. We know what we need to hone in on and figure out before Canada. We’re on the verge of a very nice breakthrough.
Kaluah’s last class, first level test 4 was next. This was it. There were 3 horses in it and she had to beat at least one. Jan Halter and Sherm were one of the horses she to compete against and they are always tough competition. Kaluah had a great go and scored 63.68% and managed to come in second! They were qualified!!! It’s only the third time Kaluah has ridden first test 4 and that’s just been in the last week so things are looking good!!
It was great to see our Arab dressage friends again, they’re all so nice. We got to see Sherry and Shelly who we met in KY last year, we’ll probably stable next to them at Sport Horse Nationals in Idaho this September. It was fun to see everyone from Equitation Station even though they’re always tough competition, it was great seeing Jan and Russ, and the family that was on the other side of us in KY last year too! It was fun to see all our Arab friends that don’t do dressage and as always, Jan Lerud, who does a great job as show secretary. It made us feel good to hear from Shelly that her friend Nancy, (who was across from us that we met a couple years ago up here), said ‘yeah, these people across from me came in at 9:30 last night with a couple grey horses, won everything and now they’re going home’.  We like it when a show comes together like that!!

Oh and I should probably add this last part.  We loaded the horses to go home and it’s usually Kari in the trailer catching the horses being loaded and Rick and I putting them in.  Well, we  loaded Safarr and Kaluah and shut the ramp and overhead doors.  I ran to the bathroom and Rick got in the truck.  Oops, we forgot we had Kari in the trailer and she was locked in.  She peered through the side window and saw Shelly coming out of the barn and called her name.  Shelly looked around to see where the voice was coming from and saw Kari’s eyes through the little window.  Rick wondered why Shelly was opening our trailer and got out only to find out we had locked Kari in!  Well, at least she wouldn’t have missed the “bus” ride home ;-)

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2 Responses to “Great Arabian Get Together”

  1. Linda Wenner Says:

    Kari would probably be more comfortable in the trailer anyway…:o)

  2. smartstartstable Says:

    You know, even though the truck is really nice, the air ride in the trailer is probably a better ride?!

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