Canadian Arabian National Championships

Well, we sent the entries in online even before we had Kari’s horse Kaluah qualified, which we did at the Great Arabian Get Together (see post on it).  Kari did call the Arabian Horse Assn to make sure all was OK and was told that she was going to have to pay the $500 post entry fees even though she had pre entered, she hadn’t qualified in time and only two regional championship shows were able to excluded from that.  When she got off the phone and told us, I told her to call the president of AHA and Rick told her to treat it like the IRS, call someone else and see if you can get a different answer.  So, she called AHA and asked to speak the the head of the qualification department.  Good thing, they told her that it wasn’t true she’d have to pay the post entry fee since she had pre entered!  WHEW!!!!

Dr Bohl came out this week to start the health certificates on the horses going to Canada, Ra, Kaluah, Kizzes and Safarr.  When crossing the border all the i’s have to be dotted and the t’s crossed.  The health certificates get sent in to the USDA, get stamped, and then get sent back to us.  Copies have to be left at the Canadian border and we have to fill out “that form” for which we have to walk across to the US border, fill out, leave a copy and give a copy back when we come back into the US.  We have yet to have it work the same every year and we’ve been doing it several years in a row.

That’s about all the update for now, we’re busy doing our homework, making sure to not overwork the horses so they can be at their peak when they show mid August and yet perfecting them as much as possible until then.

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