Parkside Dressage Show Jul 3-4, 2010

FINALLY, getting some info about the Parkside show in.  Uploaded pics to Facebook, haven’t figured out how to do it on the blog yet, not quick and easy anyway.  So, if you want to see the pics you’ll have to go to Facebook. 

The short version, it was JJ’s second show, Angelina’s second show, first one with Lanie riding, Kaluah’s first show in a year and a half, Bey’s first show in many, many years and Kari’s first ride in third level, Cayenne’s second show and since Ra and Safarr went too, we had a total of 8 horses at the show!

The following is what I started on our way to the Great Arabian Get Together the next week.  Haven’t finished it yet but since I have pics on Facebook I better start getting the details posted?!

We loaded up 8 horses to go to the Parkside show on July 2nd. We had to take 2 trailers, mine and Kari’s so that we could fit the golf cart in. Don’t know what we would have done without Rick’s golf cart, our stalls were out in the back 80, farthest out, almost at the edge of the world….
We are grateful for cell phones too. With 2 trailers we needed the phone a few times to keep our directions straight. We work so hard to get ready to leave for a show that direction details on close shows are usually just skimmed over. When Rick (leading with the big trailer) got into the lane to head north on 694 I called Kris, who was riding shotgun for Rick to tell her we were going straight through the city in I-94 and I-394. She couldn’t find her cell phone so I called Rick’s. He answered just in time to get out of the off lanes and back onto 94. Things went pretty good till we got to I-494. As Rick and Kris and 6 horses took a quick right up on 494 I called and said NOOOOO. Kris answered and said that Hwy 101, our next turn, had a detour. Kari and I had lthe computer with the Garmin satellite so we knew we could find our way. When we got to 101 there were no detour signs. We took the ramp as we could see that if we couldn’t go north we could get right back on our present road. We looked north and saw no orange signs so we took a chance. It was only a couple miles we had to go. We got lucky, there was only a short distance of one lane road work and we made it to our next turn. When we called Kris we found out that we were ahead of them and they were on the right road. I gave them the miles to the road in front of Alpine Farm (where the show was) and we all made it there just fine!
It was great to have not only the owners to help with the horses but Betsy too. We unpacked everything and then had to get all 8 horses to the ring and warm up ring to get them familiarized with the grounds. It was the first nice day in a long time as those of us who didn’t think they needed sunscreen actually got a bit of a sunburn! The new to showing horses were a little more nervous than they were at Sorensen as the energy level at Parkside was much higher. More things to see, more horses, more people. They whinnied as they left their stalls and even in the workouts and the first day’s warm ups. By Sunday they were pretty comfortable with it all.

(I’ll add more to this post later on how it went, was a good show, 2 horses scored 71% on Sunday!!  You’ll just have to wait for the next update to find out who!)

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